Type 3 Registry

Type 3 Technical Information

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) can be found in at least two different locations in your Type 3 Volkswagen. The identification plate is found under the front hood beside the hood lock. The 7-10 digit number after the words "Fahrgest. Nr." is the chassis number. It describes the model number, model year, and serial number for Type 3 Volkswagen vehicles in the model years of 1965-73. For model years 1961-64, the chassis number is a 7-digit number serial starting with "0".

The chassis number is also found on the frame tunnel under the rear seat. This number matches the number found on the identification plate from the factory, but in some cases the floor pan or front body clip may have been replaced, so that the numbers no longer match. The floor pan is interchangeable with any of the Type 3 body styles, including the T34 Karmann Ghia, so in addition to serial numbers not matching, it is possible that the model numbers may not match.

Starting in 1968, all Type 3 Volkswagens destined for the US market also have the chassis number located on the left of the instrument panel so that the number is visible from the outside of the car. In addition, there is a sticker found in the left doorjamb that shows the date of manufacture as well as the chassis number.