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Undisclosed's 1969 Notchback/Sedan
Undisclosed's 1969 Squareback/Variant

Undisclosed's 1969 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 3.0 * * * * *
Description: Want that cool ride? This square is it. First the interior was totally redone by a professional. (Fine Auto Trim) The paint was done by a local body shop. (Overland Auto Body) and all the body mods done by the previous owner. This square has everything shaved from the doors to the antenna to the gas tank door. The tail lights are a custom french, along with the headlights and antenna. The Rear side windows were removed and picture windows were installed. The door windows were converted to one peice windows. If you look closely there is no fenderbeading of any kind. The rear fenders were smoothed and welded to the body, along with the rear back panel and front lower panel, all smooth!! The stereo/dvd system has two 7.2 inch screens along with 6 surround sound speakers and two 10 inch subwoofers. It sounds awesome! The back seat was removed to hold all of the componets and cove! red to look clean. All emblems were shaved off. If you look closely at the interior the door panels have custom vw emblems and squarebacks molded into them. The dash is also custom. Its a one and only. everything is tweed! Also this car can be "plugged into the wall" for show time so you don't have to be worried about a dead battery or sound failure. Listed for sale on TheSamba in August 2005.


VIN: 369048494
Registered 13 years ago: Wednesday, August 3, 2005