Type 3 Registry

Holly Presley's 1970 Squareback/Variant
Jonathan Smith's 1966 Squareback/Variant

Glenn Minett's 1971 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 2.8 * * * * *
Description: Purchased from Wayne Penrose VW Automotive 3/14.
1971 RHD 1776cc Automatic squareback.
Needs new interior. I'm about to install off white headliner and red Tmi door cards and seat covers. Upholsterer to put in black carpet.
Wheels will be powder coated red. Tyres have atlas whitewall inserts. Lowered 2 splines front 1 rear.
Has timber trim down both sides custom made by a previous owner.


VIN: 3612015306
Registered 3 years ago: Thursday, May 15, 2014