Type 3 Registry

Undisclosed's 1964 Karmann Ghia/T34
Undisclosed's 1971 Squareback/Variant

Undisclosed's 1964 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 3.1 * * * * *
Description: Originally listed in the Type34 Registry. All welding has now been done, and car has been fitted with NOS front fenders/wings. The chassis has been fully restored, and the body is sitting on it, waiting for when I get a chance to arrange for it to be sprayed. Haven't decided on a colour yet, but it's unlikely to be Terra Brown and White. Have a 1776 Engine built and ready to go in. Not looking forward to the nightmare of fitting it all back together.


VIN: 0380124
Registered 14 years ago: Friday, June 24, 2005