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Undisclosed's 1965 Notchback/Sedan
Undisclosed's 1970 Fastback

Undisclosed's 1971 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 3.1 * * * * *
Description: This car started out as a 71 Square, but I cut the roof off it and turned it into a full time Roadster. It had been hit on both ends, and was very rusty. It was already parted out and headed to the crusher when I got it. I figured I'd do something fun with it, so I turned it into a topless t-3. I'd always wanted a vert, and this car fell into my lap. There was no interior at all, no engine or trans when I got it, and it needed the front clip replaced as the PPO did a crappy job of installing the rusty one on it(wouldn't line up either). I literally rebuilt it using parts out of my back yard. This was a very fun project, and it's really cool to cruize in when it's not raining. I drive it whenever I can, but it's not really a daily driver or a weekend only car. :)


VIN: 3612007620
Registered 14 years ago: Saturday, February 12, 2005