Type 3 Registry

D Hanna's 1964 Notchback/Sedan
Michael Espinoza's 1969 Squareback/Variant

Jordan Vernon's 1964 Notchback/Sedan

Rating: 3.3 * * * * *
Description: Original engine verified through a birth certificate from Siftung Volkswagen Museum.

Update: 05/26/2013 Finally some time to work on it. Moved to a new place with a shop(yay!), body sent off to the media blasters, pan almost finished. I've decided I just can't do white. I think Sea Blue will be my color choice, although still undecided on the interior color. I will have front disc brakes, but hope to not stray too far from stock appearing.


VIN: 0299xxx
Registered 11 years ago: Monday, February 25, 2008