Type 3 Registry

Robert Eriksson's 1964 Squareback/Variant
Bryce Bosson's 1965 Notchback/Sedan

Bryce Bosson's 1963 Notchback/Sedan

Rating: 3.2 * * * * *
Description: Was manufactured on April 24 1963, left factory on the 25th. Was originally owned by a German chap in the South Island (christchuch).
Someone had painted over the ruby red, it was white when I brought it, the sills were totally rotten, the guards (fenders) had over half and inch of filler in places.It took over a week to remove it all and repair correctly.I've lowered it 1 spline all round since this picture was taken.


VIN: 0182526
Registered 11 years ago: Thursday, November 27, 2008