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Undisclosed's 1966 Fastback

Rating: 3.1 * * * * *
Description: This car was bought at a measily low sum from an old man outside Gothenburg, Sweden. It is currently sitting in a barn looking sorry for itself and awaiting a much needed resto.
The bodywork needs attention. Sills seems good but it needs a full set of wings, brightwork and a rear bumper.
The funny part of the car - the Pigalle red interior is close to perfect with only a few rips in the floor-mat and a small crack in the passenger armrest (bummer). This is a quite usual condition with swedish cars; the body is usually rust but the interior is usually good.
I know nothing of the engine exept that it is matching numbers and took me the 700 km from the po to my parents barn.


VIN: 316108047
Registered 13 years ago: Saturday, May 28, 2005