Type 3 Registry

Jordan Vernon's 1964 Notchback/Sedan
Jacin Ferreira's 1964 Notchback/Sedan

Michael Espinoza's 1969 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 3.4 * * * * *
Description: 2056 type 4 engine with 1980 Vanagon F.I. 60,000 miles and still goin.
1983 Audi full electric front seats.
83 HP to the wheels 101 FTLBS torque on dyno
Hydraulic lifters in engine.
Hella H4 headlights,LED tailights,ALL lights work and ALL Factory features work even dome light and rear window defroster,also
electric windshield washer system with factory switches!
Factory VARIANT emblem on rear lid.
Tranny is rebuilt 3:83 R&P with stock gears
Driven to Georgia towing a small trailer and Driven to Idaho and back no problems!!!


VIN: 369159746
Registered 11 years ago: Monday, February 25, 2008