Type 3 Registry

Bob Norman's 1964 Squareback/Variant
Bob Norman's 1967 Fastback

Jacin Ferreira's 1962 Notchback/Sedan

Rating: 4.4 * * * * *
Description: Manufactured on January 3rd 1962.
Believed to be one of the oldest driving in the US.
Originally sold in Norway and brought into the UK in about 2000.
Imported into the US in June 2011.
Magazine feature in September 2007 issue of Volksworld
Trophy winner at Volksworld Show 2007 and the First European Bugin.
Kind of a rolling restoration with the majority of the car still in original untouched condition. Featuring huge amount of NOS parts including the very nice NOS red needle VDO rev counter.


VIN: 0011554
Registered 7 years ago: Monday, January 9, 2012