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Undisclosed's 1970 Fastback
Undisclosed's 1964 Notchback/Sedan

Undisclosed's 1963 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 3.4 * * * * *
Description: Purchased from Larry Wolff in Westlake Village, California April 25, 2004. He had the car for 22 years and kept it in original condition. Car has no rust. He says it came through Canada and was originally owned by a nurse then after her an aerospace engineer, then Larry. Had been changed to front disk brakes. I recently changed it to the matching rear drums with 4 on 130 bolt pattern. Currently looking for suitable period wheels. I intend to keep the roof white and paint the body greenish blue when finances permit. I am not against modifying so long as all pieces are saved and it can be easily returned to stock condition.


VIN: 0180435
Registered 14 years ago: Tuesday, June 7, 2005