Type 3 Registry

Undisclosed's 1968 Squareback/Variant
Undisclosed's 1971 Squareback/Variant

Undisclosed's 1966 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 3.1 * * * * *
Description: Originally purchased on June 23rd, 1966 by Mr. Douglas Hall Jr. of Chevy Chase, Maryland, at Silver Spring Auto City in Silver Spring, Maryland. I am the 3rd owner. In September 1968, Mr. Hall relocated to Denver, Colorado. There the car received maintenance at Mountain States Motors. In late 1969, the car was sold to Mr. Chris Brown of Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Brown is an avid photographer, and he drove the car all over the southwestern states. In 1984, the engine was rebuilt, and the car was put in storage until 1997, when Mr. Brown?s son got the car going and drove it for about a year. I purchased the car in December 2002, sight unseen via the internet. A friend of mine who lived in Colorado picked up the car, and I had it transported to me in Phoenix. The car is very complete, and that is it?s strongest attribute. It is truly a testament to its previous owner?s attention to deta! ils.


VIN: 366221018
Registered 14 years ago: Sunday, August 14, 2005