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Heiko Stosnach's 1965 Squareback/Variant
Undisclosed's 1971 Notchback/Sedan

Baird Brown's 1964 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 5.0 * * * * *
Description: I purchased this car in December of 1994 from David Welsford in British Columbia and am the 4th owner. The odometer shows it has been driven a tad shy of 39,000 miles and is in the process of being restored. It has been garaged since 1994 with an occasional drive on the weekends. It will get new vinyl(not able to salvage the original), a vintage radio, fish pole carriers, headliner, paint touch up, trunk upholstery, rubber and other fine tuning. I hope to be at the Denver Bug-In on July 28, 2013 to make a show of it. It should be fun. BTW, Lee has been a great help with my restoration. Thanks to Lee.


VIN: 0309063
Registered 5 years ago: Sunday, July 7, 2013