Type 3 Registry

Undisclosed's 1963 Notchback/Sedan
Undisclosed's 1965 Notchback/Sedan

Undisclosed's 1973 Fastback

Rating: 3.3 * * * * *
Description: she is a cracker and as fast as f**k she has been uprated to about an 1997cc and can keep up with our other vw gti boys no probs and is now for sale so i can put my next mean beast on the road a 2.8 fi fastback that will whip arse and will come with a fully operational hood and paint watch this space it will be ready in a couple of weeks for the next volks fest Rob number plate ROB1 VWF


VIN: 3132046xxx
Registered 14 years ago: Friday, August 19, 2005