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Undisclosed's 1970 Squareback/Variant
Undisclosed's 1971 Squareback/Variant

Undisclosed's 1973 Squareback/Variant

Rating: 3.0 * * * * *
Description: Car was destroyed in a garage fire in the early morning hours of 7/24/05. I am very sad.

I purchased this car in Colorado in 1998. It is a Canadian spec car complete with gas heater. It was originaly purchased from Valley Motors in Goose Bay Labrador, New Foundland on Sept, 25 1973. It was first serviced in the US about a year later in Indiana, It's 12,000 mi service was done in Michigan, and by Aug, '75 the car was in Colorado. It stayed in CO until I moved it to PA in 1999. The car still has it's original engine, and when driven to the Bug-Out in VA last year it got about 35 mpg. When re-upholstering the seat a few years ago, I found some old photos in the rear seat frame.


VIN: 3632107882
Registered 14 years ago: Friday, May 13, 2005