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Undisclosed's 1969 Fastback
Undisclosed's 1969 Fastback

Undisclosed's 1966 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 3.2 * * * * *
Description: Originally purchased by an "Army General" at Autoheim Cailsen & Wille in Schleswig, Germany who imported it into the San Diego, CA area. Purchased soon after by a teacher, Julie Montoya, who owned it until 1993, in the San Diego and Inland Empire, CA areas. Purchased in 1993 by a local repairman (David Delgado) who noticed it at her house. He didn't drive it at all and was thinking of selling it in 2002. Scott McWilliams in San Diego heard about it through a friend's chance gas station meeting with David in May, 2002 and purchased it soon afterward. In June, 2003, I purchased it from Scott when he located a Sunroof Type 34 and decided to sell. I brought it back to Phoenix, AZ.


VIN: 346068100
Registered 14 years ago: Wednesday, July 6, 2005