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Undisclosed's 1967 Squareback/Variant
Undisclosed's 1965 Karmann Ghia/T34

Undisclosed's 1966 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 3.2 * * * * *
Description: Found in Everett's Scrapbook on TheSamba. On March 12, 2002, I visited with the seller of this 1966 Type 3 Ghia. The body and pan were pretty solid, with only a few holes in the pan near the seat rails. The holes did not appear to be from rust, as the pan was rust-free around the holes. Nose and rear end appeared fairly clean, with some bondo evident on the driver's side rear, above the wheel well. The roof has been chopped off and a conversion to a T34 roadster was begun by a previous owner. It has a brand new transmission with zero miles and nice front and rear bumpers. Seats and most of the interior was missing and/or sun-damaged. A previous owner had removed the front trunk release cable and hooked up an electric solenoid, I can only assume for security purposes because of the roadster look. A Beetle-style single carb. had been installed at some point in the past, with ! cuts on either side of the engine compartment as well as a "hood" installed on the engine lid. No engine was present. The T34 was supposedly a running and driving car before the engine was removed several years ago. Electrical was a total mess. Why was the roof chopped off? Because "The rear window was cracked and you know how hard those windows are to find!" The doors would not open/close properly so they were welded shut soon after the roof chop. Bought and resold.


VIN: 346089848
Registered 14 years ago: Wednesday, July 6, 2005