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Description: Buy the engine get the car for FREE! - $2500

Moved to Georgia and must sell. Car is located in Holly Springs NC. It is a 73 Squareback with orignal factory orange paint (front fenders replaced and repainted orginal color). It has the original interior including an intact head liner, door panels and seats (minor rips in driver seat that don't show in pic). Odometer shows 100+K.

The engine is brand new and has no more than 25 miles on it! It was professionally built in California. The specs are as follows: 1914cc, High performance cam, High performance crank shaft, 042 Dual Port Heads, Hydralic Lifters, Bolt on Valve Covers, Lightened Flywheel, Dual Weber 34 ICT's, Bosh Blue Coil, Bosh 009 distributor, electronic ignition, High Performance Clutch, Empi 4 tip exhuast/header, external Oil Filter with 6 pass cooler (currently not hooked up but is mounted where the factory computer was so the rear vents blow air across it), heavy duty Berg oil pump and a Weber electric fuel pump. The orginal cooling sheet metal was used and I modified the fan shroud to accomodate the heavy duty oil pump and lines for external oil filter and cooler. The carrier arm and engine mounts are also new. I have the orginal receipt from the builder and other parts I've added. It needs a fuel regulator because the electric weber fuel pump delivers to much cfm for the ICT's to handle so it runs rich.

Photo's are a bit old and I will update them soon. I will get some of the motor too. Current pics do not show the new chrome rims, tinted windows and the replacement hood installed. Tires are in good condition. I also have a replacement front clip, front fender and rear quarters taken off a parts car (See Front Clip pic). This was orginally a NJ car so it is in need of work to the front wheel wells which is why I have the front clip. I am the 3rd owner and the previous owner did hap hazard repairs to them. The
floor pans as you can see in the pic are fine.

I will throw in the orginal 1600cc fuel enjected stock engine that came out. I will also include all of the extra parts I have for it (to many to list). Last but not least I'll throw in the original 70's repair manual that shows a squareback pulling a trailer with a race car on it. Please serious inquiries only and if you desire to see it in person I will have to arrange a weekend to come up. I'll be coming from Atlanta Georgia to show it. Feel free to contact me at bmanga@comcast.net if you have any questions or would like more photos.

Listed for sale on TheSamba in May 2005.


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