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 Undisclosed's 1965 Karmann Ghia/T34

Rating: 3.6 * * * * *
Description: Found in Everett's Scrapbook on TheSamba. On March 23, 2003, I located this 1965 Type 34 in Phoenix, AZ. It appears to be very original and complete, down to the original engine #. It had had been hit HARD in the front right at some point, enough to buckle the gas tank mounting lip. The nose had a slight bump as well. The left side had a slight buckle, the result of someone recently backing into the car in a parking lot. For some reason, the front turn signals were eliminated when the front end was repaired. It had been brought over by the current owner's father-in-law sometime in the 1980s. His father-in-law worked in a body shop in Germany and the car was left there as the owners did not want to pay to repair the front end damage. There was thick bondo on the front right corner and the headlight bucket looked malformed. The fog lights were missing. Original ignition was d! amaged and a new ignition switch had been installed in the dash. Glass is all good, except the windshield, which is cracked. Original Brick Red door panels. Original dashes and door tops appear to have been recovered with flat black vinyl at some point but still had an generally original appearance. Accessory seat belts had been mounted straight through the floor boards in the typical style. The car was running/driving but had a bad starter so I could not test drive it. Had been sitting for a few months but was a daily driver in 2002 and the registration was current. Included original owner's manual dated August, 1964. Overall, suitable as a parts car or for someone who wanted to weld in a new front clip.


VIN: 345195965
Registered 11 years ago: Thursday, July 7, 2005

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The purpose of the Registry is to locate and document all of the remaining Type 3 cars around the world. The Type 34 is included to provide a combined record for the entire Type 3 family. Please be sure that any data submitted for a Type 34 is also included in the Type34 Registry, which is dedicated specifically to this model. Many thanks to SquareD who originally created the Type 3 Registry and all the hard work he put into it.

The Registry is not just for cars that are still on the road, but also for those cars that will never again see the road. This includes those unfortunate cars that have been wrecked, ended up in a salvage yard, or are being parted out. Please note that you do not need to be the owner of a car to submit it to the Registry, but a VIN is required to properly and uniquely identify each submission, and the Country/State where the car is located.

The Registry is concerned about your privacy, and will not disclose your E-mail address to anyone outside of the Registry. You also have the option to either allow the complete VIN to be shown, or to block the last 3 digits. While the primary focus of the Registry is the documentation of the cars, please feel free to provide any additional information about the history of your car that you want. The inclusion of multiple photos is highly encouraged, but not required.

Almost all of the information you provide will be selected from drop-down menus. All of the drop-down menus are required, but if none of the drop-down options is correct or appropriate for your car, please select the "N/A" option (the last option) and provide the correct information in the "Notes" field at the bottom of the page. Upon receipt of your submission, your correction/addition will be verified and the page will then be updated. With your help, we can continue to improve and expand the information presented in the Registry.


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